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Thank you for offering British Airways and Iberia the opportunity to sponsor your property.
Sponsorship represents a critical component of our global marketing approach and plays an important role in enabling our brand to connect with projects aligned  with our vision and values.  
We will consider you as a potential partner if your initiative meets our requirements. We are looking for reliable projects ensuring an excellent execution and help us to brand construction and consumer engagement. 
Unfortunately, althought we receive many worthwhile sponsorship requests each day   we cannot support all of them. Therefore we carefully review each application and determine which requests best match our criteria and investment objectives.
Our brand is very important to us. We won't consider sponsorship opportunities that relate to or contain:
  • Politically sensitive or controversial matters
  • Violence or extreme activities with a perceived high level of risk
  • Content featuring an airline crisis (e.g. a crash or hijacking)
  • Content that impacts negatively on our brand values 
If your proposal is Community/Education/Ethnic related you need to send your request to our CSR area for:  
British Airways:
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